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How the magic happens

Work WIth A Designer

You get to work directly with one of our highly experienced (and friendly) web designers to customize your website.
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Add your Content

Once the design is ready, your web designer will hand over your website and provide a tutorial on how to easily add your content.
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Launch Your Site

After you've added all of your killer content, say the word and we'll take care of launching your site. Just like that. Easy and done!

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10% off when you start in April

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We design and launch the site for you

Our professional designers and programmers do the hard part (and charge a fair price) so you can focus on growing your business.

50% faster than Wordpress

Faster page loads means better rankings in Google searches, happier customers and increased engagement. What's better than that?

Free, Enhanced 

No matter what type of business you're in, your site needs to be secure for customers to trust you. We include a free SSL certificate with every site.

Edit & add content on your own

Edit text, change images, and add and remove sections with just a few clicks! Your website can grow with you - without additional fees!
Doesn't Break The Bank

A professional website shouldn't have to be expensive. That's why we spent years perfecting a platform that’s affordable and effective. It's designed to generate leads, close sales, and grow your business. In fact, you can't afford not to have one.
Built to Grow With You

While a website doesn't need to be flashy, it needs to work and allow flexibility for a business to grow. Our product does exactly that. So, you can add posts, products, create new divisions, and change the world with just a few clicks.
Buttoned Up on The Back End

If a site isn't built with clean, organized code, there's a good chance it won't appear in search results. And if it's not hosted on a secured server, it could get hacked. With a Modular Orange site, you can feel confident knowing your back end is covered. 

Website Features you'll love
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Always Responsive

Modular Orange websites work seamlessly on all devices and screen sizes.

Click. Edit.  Save.

Edit text and photos directly on the page. No special coding to learn.

Drag & Drop

Easily rearrange sections and content with drag-and-drop features.

update anytime

Update your text or photos any time you'd like without having to pay extra fees.